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Nonton film Velvet Kiss (2013) sub indo

Velvet Kiss (2013)

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Extremely common office worker, Makoto Nitta (Koichiro Murata). Were included in work all the time recently if private. The man who appeared in such an arrowhead, company…. Become Nan and the guarantor of the debt of the older brother, and assume a debt of 80 million yen. Of the person whom the man has to at a loss Nitta it is said that freeze a debt if make friends. Nitta who goes to the place of the wait. It was kikuikeokuhana*ko (Kanae Ruka) to have appeared there. Nitta who follows it while being upset about hana*ko where childishness still remains. On a day of the So which encountered for the first time, have hana*ko and relations…From a day of the So, life of Nitta changes completely….

Tagline:The popular youth comic “velvet kiss” is live-action!
Durasi: 72 Min