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Nonton film Golden Triangle Rescue (2018) sub indo

Golden Triangle Rescue (2018)

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Lin Gewei, the daughter of Chinese rich merchant Lin Jiahao, and his colleagues came to the beautiful and mysterious Golden Triangle area for an interview. Lin Gezhen is a famous reporter from overseas Chinese. During the interview, I accidentally photographed a murderous drug trafficking incident by a gang of evil forces. Lin Ge’s professional habits made her always want to understand the ins and outs of this incident. I found that the evil forces had no evil, and when they got some evidence, they were caught by the evil gangs. Lin Geling’s father was very angry and worried about the news. He urgently summoned his bodyguard team to pick out five elites to go to the rescue. The rescue process was very difficult. Fortunately, the leaders received strong support to rescue the songs and other victims. The evil gang was executed, justice defeated the evil, and the Golden Triangle region was peaceful and the people were harmonious.

Genre: Action
Durasi: 100 Min